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Torment Factory

Torment Factory
14351 NE County Road 339

The Haunted Hackman Family Farm

The Hackman Family inherited their farm on 339 in the late 1970’s.  Early on, the Hackman’s struggled to work the land. Grandpa Hackman always had success with the farm, but his secrets died with him years earlier. For the better part of a decade, the Hackman family tried all they could to get even the weeds to grow. Late one night, Bubba Hackman accidentally ran over a calf while plowing during a full moon.  The next morning, the field was full of crops. At first, the Hackman’s weren’t sure what to do. Did the blood of that calf really make the crops grow? They were good, honest, law-abiding citizens after all. Not long after, shadowy figures began to appear in the fields.  Then, slowly, the Hackmans began to change. Dark thoughts crept into their minds. They began to experiment. Old blood didn’t seem to do it, only a fresh sacrifice. So a goat here, a cow there. But then, almost as if something was speaking to them, they knew the best fertilizer would be fresh human souls. For a few years, grabbing the unsuspecting stranger worked. But then that pesky Detective started poking around.  Now, instead of going to harvest the souls themselves, the Hackmans would make the souls come to them! As long as ‘most’ of them made it out, who’s to say what happened to the others? And oh, what a harvest they would have this year!

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