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The Landon House

The Landon House
3401 Urbana Pike


The historic Landon House in Urbana, Maryland has an incredible history. Built in 1754 along the Rappahannock River in Virginia as a 12,000 square-foot silk mill, it was dismantled in 1840 and moved by barge up the river and overland to Georgetown. Then it was moved up the C&O Canal to Point of Rocks afterwhich it was transported by oxcart to Urbana and rebuilt as the Shirley Female Academy. Ten years later it became the Landon Military Academy and institute until 1860 when it was abandoned prior to the Civil War.

Landon House is most famous for having been the host site of legendary Confederate General (and bon vivant) J.E.B. Stuart famous dance, known as the Sabers and Roses Ball, held right before the Battle of Antietam. Antietam is considered to be the bloodiest one-day battle in American history, with over 23,000 dead, wounded or missing in less than seven hours. After Antietam, the Landon House went from "hospitality to hospital" as a medical center for the wounded and dying soldiers retreating to Virginia. Where just a few days earlier Landon had been the scene of such mirth and joy, it was now a field hospital of unimaginable pain, suffering, death and sadness.

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