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The Frightmare Compound

The Frightmare Compound
10798 Yukon Street

The Frightmare Compound’s unsettling story starts back in the early 1970s when the U.S. Government funded a secret project using this swampland to research the decomposition stages of human and animal remains. However, the plug was abruptly pulled on the project due to the publicity generated by some high-profile grave robbery reports and missing persons cases in the immediate area. Rumors spread, and people began to believe these incidents were undeniably connected to the research project.

Following the project’s termination, the government immediately took action to conceal any connection they had with what happened here. U.S. Officials quickly issued a privacy protection order, condemned the land and sealed all related records to ensure the truth was never uncovered.

Over the years, however, alarming stories have continued to surface surrounding the Compound. These accounts have caused people to speculate that the project not only still exists but has expanded into something even more horrific.

Legend has it, after the project’s official shutdown, a deranged scientist refused to leave the property and continued the research in any way he could. As his obsession grew, the scientist’s focus transitioned from unconventional studies to experimental re-creations of half-living creatures and abominations. Gruesome stories and descriptions of these creations spread like wildfire, and people began to fear that a truly morbid, modern-day Frankenstein was living amongst them.

In the early 1980s, the Compound was acquired by Brad Holder. It is unknown how a government-owned, condemned swampland with such unspeakable secrets could be purchased by Brad; however, rumors have surfaced that Brad himself was the deranged scientist that worked on the secret project. Due to his knowledge and participation in the detestable research that took place at the Compound, the government allowed Brad to purchase the property in exchange for his privacy and silence.

In 1983, Brad started funding his work once again by selling tickets and allowing the public to see small parts of his work at the Compound. To this day, neighbors continue to report hearing screams and strange sounds late into the night after business hours are over.

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