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Salem's Haunted Barn

Salem's Haunted Barn
5411 Hackman Road

What is Salem's all about? Salem's Haunted Village is a family owned and  operated business who's love for the thrill of scaring has carried them to  where they are now today. This business first started with a vision from their little girl and a families motivation of entertaining. Starting in 1997, Salem's has been putting on shows of their haunted hayride and barn maze for only family and close friends until one day someone had asked them, "why don't you offer this to the public?";  so with the proper rules and regulations needed to offer it to you (the customer), Salem's first opened their doors to the public in 2004. Since then, this business has grown in publicity with their satisfied customers, word-of-mouth, and through advertisements.
Today, Salem's provides their services to over 1,000 customers in just one season  while also giving back to their community in volunteer services.
So how does Salem's differ from every other haunted attraction? Here's how; Salem's is an actor based business that changes their schemes of scaring every year to make sure that thecustomer receives the best quality scare available and so that you can get the most out of your money every year! They are also the only haunted house in the area that provides horse drawn haunted hay rides. Unlike many other haunted attractions  Salem's has the privilege to constantly change their scares every time a revisiting or a new customer comes threw their
village in just one season and they also take all of  your ideas and opinion about the village very seriously so don't be afraid to tell us how your experience was. All of are actors are trained in the art and skills of scaring-yes, their is a method for scaring individuals believe it or not. They are equipped with tactics and methods of putting on a different scare every time you come back threw either the haunted hayride or the haunted barn maze. So, if you think that you are brave enough, stop on in and we will let are creatures come out to play with you  and don't forget that the drive is worth it when you come to Salem's Haunted Village!

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