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House On Horror Hill

House On Horror Hill
1650 Alpharetta Highway

In the year 2005, an indescribable evil fell upon this place; brought on by a wandering, wayward spirit intent on keeping the people of North Fulton awake at night. Its malicious energy drew psychopaths, beasts, legendary killers, and other evil spirits alike, none of whom could resist its dark siren song. Each Halloween season, they would slaughter their victims within the walls of this place, using the souls of those they killed to feed the insatiable hunger of the spirit that haunted it.

With the demise of its current home looming, the black heart of this spirit has called out one final time in search of souls to do its bidding. It longs for one more opulent feast souls before it must search for a new home once again.

You hear its call. A sinister, maddening whisper in your ear. From beyond the darkness it searches for you. Does it want to feed upon your soul or does it want to awaken a dormant evil within you? You cannot ignore it any longer. You must find your way to the House on Horror Hill and put a stop to this...or find out if an evil spirit dwells within you.

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