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Fright Ride

Fright Ride
1700 South Industrial Road

This October, the creative team behind the critically acclaimed Fright Dome haunted attraction will make its return to Las Vegas with a newly designed Halloween event, Fright Ride, Las Vegas’ largest immersive haunted attraction.

“For more than 15 years Fright Dome called Las Vegas home, being recognized annually as one of the best haunted attractions in the world,” said Jason Egan. “We had begun planning its resurgence when we saw what was happening around the world with Halloween attractions shutting down due to the pandemic. We knew it was time to bring the team out of retirement to save Halloween and the rapidly dwindling entertainment industry here in the town we love. Fright Ride will bring fans the same level of horror-filled entertainment that they experienced at Fright Dome but in a socially-distanced environment specifically tailored to COVID-19 protocols.” That drive to breathe renewed life into Halloween was shared by Fright Ride co-producers Marcel Correa and Brandon Lea.

Guests arrive at Fright Ride’s elusive “Research Lab” to be test subjects in a fear diagnosis. Participants will board research transport vehicles, in the form of environmentally friendly electric carts, to traverse the 75,000 square foot venue for their nightmarish journey through “Dr. Craven’s” top secret corridors. What are you afraid of? Face your fears and join the experiment.

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