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Fright Night Forest City

Fright Night Forest City
106 W. Market Street

About Us:

Forest City Fright Night is an IN YOUR FACE haunted attraction that is a must see. It is located in the very small town of Forest City, Illinois.  Fright Night was started 25 years ago by Vicky Tyler and the Forest City Park Development Committee, Inc.  We are proud to be Central Illinois' first MULTI attraction haunted event!  Fright Night staff have also helped many other haunted attractions in the area open their doors over the years.  To this day Fright Night continues to network with these organizations.  The Fright Night Haunt has been completely revamped this year.  It continues to have 4 new and blood curdling attractions:  CAMP KRYSTAL LAKE, RAGING SWAMP, SKINNER BARN and THE DARK CARNIVAL in 3D.   GOT CLOWNS?  We Do!!!  Though Fright Night DOES NOT serve food.  There are two licensed food professionals that do provide a long list of food items and drinks.  Visitor's would need to seek out THE WITCH'S BREW CAFE or DEAD MAN'S DINER for eats and treats.

We consistently update our haunt making Fright Night bigger and better each and every year.  FRIGHT NIGHT was totally deconstructed and rebuilt this year.  ALL sections have been changed.

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