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Field of Screams

Field of Screams
179 Plain Meeting House Road

Doom and Gloom begin in the path of fright from sunset to darkness, which the twilight prevails. Unseen voices whisper from the dead trees, a chill is in the air, an eerie howl can be heard…strange sounds are everywhere. Ghouls, zombies and disembodied spirits are just dying for you to visit. Be prepared to be scared!

Halloween has become the second largest retail holiday of the year, grossing over $300 Million per year for haunted attractions alone. Today, Halloween is not about one night, but the entire month of October. Haunted attractions consist of corn mazes, ghost tours, zombie paintball or laser tag, and of course haunted hayrides and haunted houses.

Field of Screams and Zombie Paintball are two of the most must see Halloween attractions in New England. This year, Field of Screams will enter it’s 21st year of scaring the pants off our innocent guests.

We began Field of Screams to help subsidize our 125-acre Christmas Tree Farm, known as Big John Leyden’s Tree Farm. In order to remain a viable enterprise, we needed to expand into Agri-entertainment. We had the infrastructure, great location and deep desire to scare.

In 2013, Field of Screams added Zombie Paintball, which is currently the largest zombie attraction in New England. With the craze of zombies, due to the success of shows such as The Walking Dead and Zombie Apocalypse, the attraction was an instant success. One of the best features of Zombie Paintball is riding in one of our five-ton military trucks. All of our trucks are self-contained with compressed air and feature mounted paintball guns along with a hopper full of Zombie bullets/paintballs. Customers board the trucks and enter an Apocalyptic Zombie Safari, where they shoot at numerous zombies and targets as they try to save their lives from the flesh-eating zombies.

Field of Screams is not recommended for the faint of heart or very young children. However, if you do become too scared, we have staff to help escort you back to your group. Our attractions take roughly 40-60 minutes to complete. We have refreshments available for purchase, such as hot dogs, beverages, popcorn, etc. We also have port-a-johns available for your comfort.

We are committed to providing an ever-changing show by adding new props and themes, as well as new animatronics to keep our guests on their toes and surprise them with new scary experiences.

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