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Creepy Nights on Calamo

Creepy Nights on Calamo
7104 Calamo Street

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CnC (Creepy Nights on Calamo - also short for Chris n Catherine) is the name of our haunt in Springfield Virginia. It's been an annual affair, but only since 2006 have we really begun to go overboard. We do a haunted (front) yard, and sometimes a fenced off walk thru the graveyard as well as a Halloween themed computer synchronized music and light show. In 2006 we also closed off our front porch and carport for additional haunted areas... 2008 saw a walk thru all the way around the lot. Sadly due to family health issues for 2009 we were only able to setup the music and light show. For 2010 we again did the music and light show, but decked out the entire front yard and made a short haunted walk up to the porch and setup some surprises on the porch.

There are very few decorated houses in our area, so we definitely "stand out" (for better or worse). We also have relatively few TOTs (Trick-or-Treaters), since the houses are relatively spread out and it's a relatively old neighborhood with no sidewalks. Still, word of mouth has been spreading, and the number of visitors has been doubling every year for the past 4 years.

Planning for 2007 begun in November 2006. We hoped to have a complete haunted trail around the house this year but due to ongoing (never ending) construction on the house (and the time that consumed) we had to restrict ourselves to the front yard - though we did haunt the porch and carport this year and last. You can see technical info on some of the props in the "Projects" area, and a photo gallery of the last several years haunts in the "Gallery" sections on the left.

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