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Carnival of Horrors

Carnival of Horrors
1145 West Steels Corners Road

Prepare to survive the 4 scariest haunted houses on the planet! Are you afraid of clowns? If you are, get ready for the SCARIEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!  You start on a horrific journey through an old abandoned FUN HOUSE. This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Many have entered, but very few have left alive. Then you travel deep into the WICKED WOODS, armed with only a flashlight, can you survive the deep dark corners of the legendary woods or will you get lost? Next you encounter the INSANE ASYLUM. We cannot control these psychopaths that now run this abandoned place! Can you handle this pulsing, winding and chaotic labyrinth full of wrong turns, dead ends and terrifying psychotic inmates? We doubt it! Finally, your mind will be blown when you enter the FREAKSHOW in 3-D TERRORVISION. The floor, walls and every undead creature becomes a living 3-D experience that will leave you begging for mercy. You think you can see where the monsters hide? Think again! GOOD LUCK!

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