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Camp Blood

Camp Blood
2277 Whooping Creek Road


The Legend of Camp Blood

On September 4, 1929, Dr. Leroy Cotton, opened the doors of Lakeview Asylum in Boonpickin, Ga to try and help patients with mental illnesses.  His practices were rather gruesome and quite frankly, downright barbaric.  In 1957, the inhabitants revolted and took matters into their own hands! Dr. Cotton was subjected to the same treatments that his patients endured and was beheaded afterward.  The asylum was immediately locked down by the authorities, sealed and abandoned with the patients inside....

In 1990, mutilated bodies started being discovered in the campground around the town of Boonpickin and the legend of Camp Blood began. No one knows for sure who the killer is..... some say it was Jason, others say it was the Lakeview Asylum residents who've escaped.

In 2012, 55 years after it's closing, Dr. Zachariah Stone re-opened Lakeview Asylum and found that there were STILL patients living in the old Asylum.  How could this be?  The patients that were still alive survived by eating rats, snakes, vermin and each other.  Most were not able to rationalize even the smallest of tasks and became violent if he persisted in trying to help them.  Fearing for his life and the safety of his staff, Dr. Stone ordered all the original patients put on an emergency immediate lock down.

There was only one problem with this........
They had been locked up for over 55 years.....
They weren't about to be locked up again......

When you take a hike on the ever-changing & legendary Camp Blood Trail you may find that many of the residents of nearby Lakeview Asylum have escaped and are now roaming the woods and living off the land and whatever it has to offer.  That includes anything and anyone who might happen to cross their path.  The haunted hillbillies & dead rednecks of Camp Blood have an insatiable thirst for flesh and blood so beware as chainsaw-wielding psychos try and separate you from your group so they can serve up dinner...... YOU!

Just be sure and watch behind corners and bring your hiking shoes because you are going to need them when you start your 1/2 mile trek through the dark woods of Camp Blood!

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