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Booger Jim's Hollow Haunted House

Booger Jim's Hollow Haunted House
278 Doolittle Street

Here at Booger Jim’s Hollow what we are about is very simple: striking fear into your hearts. We have the scariest halloween attraction in South Carolina! Whatever you find scary or spooky, our haunted house and haunted trail have what it takes to bring it out of you. We guarantee a halloween attraction experience unlike any other, thanks to the twisted minds behind our unique haunt.

Booger Jim’s Hollow is based on the terrifying local legend of Booger Jim, and we are right where the horror story unfolded. To read Booger Jim’s Story go to The Legend of Booger Jim page. Come take in all the terror for yourself and who knows, you may be unlucky enough to meet Booger Jim for yourself.

We are an intense, “hands on” halloween attraction; our actors will definitely make you forget that it’s all for fun. However, if you want us to go easy on you, you can buy one of our ‘no-touch’ medallions and the monsters will leave you alone.

Did I forget to mention you get both of the horror experiences for the price of one? Just $15 will get you the whole experience. That’s very affordable for your funeral if you ask me.

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