Nightmare New England Haunted Attraction - BOGO Weekend

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm


Haunted Hayride: This hayride from hell brings you on a 1 mile long journey, where you will come face to face and be tortured with the horrors of the dark woods of Litchfield, NH. What you encounter during those 20 minutes will forever be burned into your soul and leave you begging to escape.

Brigham Manor: The Bishop Family is no longer a threat to the people of Litchfield, NH this year. The police took matters into their own hands and shot, killed and locked up most of the family. It’s been said that a couple of members have taken to the hills, but only time will tell if the evil will ever return.

3D Dreamscape: Welcome to a 3D world of wonder and terror where the beasts come to play and prowl and you are but a guest in their crazy little world. Make your way through the jungles and take a stroll through the clouds. Laugh, cry, scream and smile as you encounter a brand new world lit up and brought to life in front of your eyes.

Carnage: You have stumbled into a place where rot, decay, and the filth from the earth are a haven for evil. There’s no place to hide from nightly scavengers and life takers. You might make it out alive, but your soul will be gone. Try to make it out of Carnage.

The Colony: The Colony holds a deep, dark secret something we couldn't even have imaged. Enter this renovated labyrinth of chaos at your own risk, and meet a new strain of hell’s servants. Once hidden amongst the cover of darkness, these unnatural beings have reemerged and are looking for bodies to torture and souls to destroy. Revamped trails of terror lead you through the back woods of The Colony where you can discover what real fear feels like.

General Admission - $39.99 (1 Ticket Valid for 2 Admissions)
VIP - $64.99 (1 Ticket Valid for 2 Admissions)
Super VIP - $79.99 (1 Ticket Valid for 2 Admissions)

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