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Lazarus Maze Haunted House

Lazarus Maze Haunted House
600 West Exchange Road

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Why are you called Interactive Theater?: Well it's simple. To get around Ogden City. In 2004 Ogden City changed it zoning eliminating Haunted Houses/Spook Alley's in all Zones. Before Sept 17, 2004 they were allowed in C1 zones, then they were banned from C1 zones. So they are not allowed anywhere. In essence, making haunted houses illegal in Ogden City. But Theater is still allowed. There is really no difference between Interactive Theater and a Haunted House. It's just wording.

Interactive Theater: theater in which the audience actively and spontaneously co-creates with the actor unfolding the drama of a play or theme.

The interactive stage is an environment that encloses both the audience, or guest, and actor alike. Each guest is, initially or as a matter of course, singularly or as a group is endowed with a role to play. The outcome of any scene may change completely depending on the actions or response of the guest. These actions or responses continuously alter the unfolding drama. The guest, as a co-creator, is responsible for the outcome as the actor.

Interactive characters exist without any acknowledge of themselves as characters in the fiction. The interactive production is not aware of the audience as the audience, because it views it as it own reality. Audience members are merely fellow characters in the illusion.

Because of it's spontaneous and unpredictable nature, interactive theater is rooted in the techniques of the improvisator. However, there is much that is predetermined in interactive theater. Structures or performance elements are designed and polished as in any style of theater, but are manipulated in the style of improvisation. Interactive theater is not designed to be observed, but to be experienced.

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