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Cursi House of Screams


The legend of Dr. Satan began in the mid1800's. A string of deaths surrounded the doctor as he moved west following the continental railroad. The doctor made wild claims of extending life by splicing body parts of the dead with those of the living. Dr. Satan died shortly after being Imprisoned in 1891 for practicing unconventional medicine. He was buried somewhere near Nortonville California. The string of bizarre deaths continued even after the doctor had been imprisoned. Several years after his death the grave was exhumed by the citizens of Nortonville to reveal an empty coffin. 

It is believed that the man in this photograph was Dr. Satan's assistant, responsible for harvesting body parts from the recently dead. As the story starts to unravel many other "assistants" are believed to be linked to Dr. Satan. It is suspected that Dr. Satan may have had as many as eight other people linked to his practice. 

We will report more on Dr. Satan's story as soon as we find it. Until then beware.

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